We at Long Island Salted Spirits believe in making every drink as flavorful as possible. As every great chef knows adding just the right amount of salt to a dish brings out the flavor they are looking for. Long Island Salted Spirits uses real Long Island sea salt in every bottle bringing the essence of Long Island to every cocktail. That essence is what makes a great cocktail.

The Art of the Cocktail…

Local bartenders all over are now more creative than ever. We at Long Island Salted Spirits believe in the art of the cocktail and the power of our bartenders. Their creativity makes a memorable night out for us all. Whether it is a first date, after work happy hour with friends, or a celebration, we can always count on them to deliver a good time. Long Island Salted Spirits say cheers to all the bartenders out there, and we look forward to seeing what you do next!

You can also enjoy long Island Salted Spirits at home. We have easy to make recipes right here on our site, crafted by some of the best mixologists in the business. Give it a try and experience the making of a world class cocktail at home. There are so many different spirits out there to choose from.  We will leave you with this one question………………Do you Salt Your Cocktails?   

Sea Salt Sands

Amagansett Sea Salt

Leading chefs recognize Amagansett Sea Salt as one of the world’s most revered finishing salts. Our culinary salts are used at outstanding restaurants and by chefs, cooks, gourmets, and food and beverage artisans of all levels.

A message from the Salt Makers 

‘‘Amagansett salt is unrefined, crunchy sea salt, crafted entirely by hand in small batches from the Atlantic Ocean. Our traditional process utilizing open-air salt pans is entirely natural, requiring only the sea, wind, sun, and patience. We evaporate fresh, clean, filtered seawater outdoors under the sun and bathed by ocean breezes. We do not boil or oven-dry seawater. We do not trap the forming crystals in a factory building or greenhouse. We use no anti-caking agents, bleaching additives, or other chemical additions. We proudly and painstakingly craft our products to our exacting standards without cutting corners.‘‘

Visit Amagansett Sea Salt at www.amagansettseasalt.com.